The Princess
& the Cup

An interactive story for the adventurers in your home.

'The Princess and the Cup' is a free, interactive story for reading ages 8+ (younger ones can play but will need an adult's help).

The content is family friendly in language and theme, for example: your adventurer can lose health, but everyone lives.

About the author:

Andy Drake works for the YMCA in the UK where he gets to live out the adventure of caring for others. Like the YMCA, he believes that every child and young person should have the opportunity for a healthy, happy life.

He lives in Essex with his partner Jana and their fox-red labrador, Rudy, and wanted to do something fun for everyone during the difficult times we are currently in.

This adventure is completely free. If you enjoy it and would like to make a donation in appreciation, please do so to your local YMCA where we will use the funds to support young people, children and families, for instance with bereavement support, family support, and crisis intervention.